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What should I major in?

Hi I'm a freshman in college and initially I wanted to major in psychology, but I hear so much about how there may be limited jobs as a psychologist, and that my degree might go to waste. I also hear so much about how people don't use their psych degree for anything or anything related to the psych field so it's a big waste of time and money to get a psych degree.

I absolutely love psychology, but I don't know if I'll actually be a good psychologist: 1. I'm introverted, and talking to a lot of people can be very draining for me sometimes 2. in general I'm just sticking with psych major at the moment because I don't know what else to do/what exactly to do with my psych degree later (kind of considering clinical psych) 3. I'm more of the practical type and base less on feelings and more on what I see and what data, science, and facts points towards to diagnose people (I think it be very fun and interesting to diagnose or at least help diagnose injuries/illnesses people have, but I wouldn't want to go to medical school for how rigorous it is)

I also hear how hard and competitive it is to get into clinical psych programs (spots are very limited and literally thousands graduate with a psych degree), so I'm thinking of changing my major/career path (though I'm not sure what, but maybe something related to psychology, neuroscience, and human anatomy).

Any tips related to different majors or careers would be helpful/or insight on people who graduated with a psych degree and where they are now would be appreciated :)


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13 days ago

Have you thought of majoring in statistics or some subject directly evolving data? This could be a good fit for a major or minor based on your practicality and facts-based thinking pattern. That being said, I don't see anything wrong with your interest in psychology! If you find too much talking to be draining, you could get involved in the psychology sector of experiments or observations for data collection.

13 days ago

Random shot in the dark, but maybe a crime analyst? Understanding and directing motivations and causes and stuff sounds like something you might like. You could use your pshyce degree to work behind the scenes, aka introvert friendly. Besides, crime is, unfortunately, a commonality in the U.S., so we always need good people in the service. This job is definitely more rigorous than a clinician, but maybe? Hope this idea helps! If I come up with anything else, I'll add it on.


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