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Would it be a good idea to apply as Undecided

I’m currently a Junior and I’m starting to build my portfolio (I plan on applying to multiple art schools) I thought I knew what major I wanted to apply to but now that I’m starting to build my portfolio I’m no longer sure. Would it be a good idea to apply as Undecided? Or would it be better to go with a major then change course later if I decide to do so?


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5 days ago

Choosing a major that relates to your portfolio would be your best option for now. This will make your application more cohesive, which is especially important for art school applicants.

Choosing a major now will also not lock you down to a particular track in college. Since you will be completing core requirement classes for your first two years at college, it is usually quite easy to change your major before your Junior year begins. Hope this helps!


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