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Help me choose the best college for me CS majors. and compare with respect to value of program difficulty, avg income

GPA- 3.8 ,SAT-1120 (expected 1350+ in 2nd attempt), senior year, (Indian)international student,

I am also applying to UIUC, UCB, etc. for my bachelor's and I have enrolled in a NGO as a " Social Entrepreneurship" intern position but it is free (I will be working for free but surely gain experience). I was prefect in my school and captain of the football team. I am currently also studying for JEE (coaching). I surely have good grades and good amount of extracurriculars but the ones I am interested in was not fully supported in my school (i.e. football, CS, and Maths competitions).


Rochester Institute of technology

stevens Institute of technology

santa clara university



Rose-Hulman Institute of technology

And also provide some scholarship advice

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@ShaneNiesen What are my chances to get into UMD

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Out of the options you have listed, UMD is the most affordable. This is because the base out-of-state tuition without financial aid (the most likely scenario for international students) is $50,000/year, whereas that figure is around $70,000/year for the other schools. UMD also has one of the top CS programs in the country while also having a higher acceptance rate than some of the other schools on your list. Hope this helps!

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