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Likelihood of my acceptance into Johns Hopkins University.

Hi, I am an international student at California attending high school and wanting to apply to Johns Hopkins university for their well known and strongresearch opportunities. I currently in the beginning of my senior have a 3.95 unweighted accumulative gpa and I took 13 AP classes (including this year) total throughout my high school year. I have a 1500 sat score. However I do not have a strong extracurricular activity officially counting by the school except some clubs I’ve joined, but have not done nothing stellar to be majorly counted as achievements. What is the likelihood of me getting into JHU? Thank you.

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Hi @JamesLee!

I added the stats that you stated in your question to the CollegeVine college chancing system and this is what I received. In short, you have higher chances than the average acceptance rate of 11%...

Your GPA is 'above average.' The typical student from all backgrounds has a 3.86. This is really good!

For your APs, according to CollegeVine, are 'about average.' Course rigor is very important to colleges and they'll compare the amount of AP classes you've taken to the amount your school offers.

For your SAT score, you are (very slightly) below average. The typical student who has been accepted into JHU has a 1515 Composite. For the individual parts, the averages are 770 (math) and 750 (reading + writing).

At this point, your chances of admission are at 15% while the average overall acceptance is 11%. This is decent! My calculation also doesn't include your extracurriculars. If you'd like to test this out yourself, check out the CollegeVine chancing simulator (https://www.collegevine.com/schools/hub/simulator).

Good luck with the college admissions process and don't sweat this - you got it!!


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