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In the CommonApp, how do I want my test scores to be sent to some and test option for the others?

I filled out the SAT score in the general info area in the Common App section called "Common App" but I don't want it to be sent to some higher selective school with much higher 50th percentile score. I'm aware each college had in their questions section where we can fill out whether we want them to review it or not. But they will still see the SAT score from my general info, right? So how does me selecting No, I don't want the school to review my score help if they can still see my score from general info?


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2 years ago

So long as you check off the test-optional box for every school you don't want to see your score, they will not be able to review it. The way it works is that the Common App software will suppress the score you reported in your general info for your test optional schools. Once they receive your Common App data, they won't be able to see your SAT score on their end. The colleges that you do want to send your SAT score to will be able to see it. Here's a UPenn Admissions Q&A page that will give you an additional explanation about how data suppression works. Hope this helps!

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