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My GPA dropped my Junior Year


I am currently a senior in high school. My GPA is 3.0, while it used to be 3.9. I would have only needed one more point to get a 4.0. Unfortunately, I failed my American Literature class in the first semester of my 11th-grade year.

I used to be an IEP student. Until, of course, they decided I didn't need it anymore and put me in the team talk class for American Literature. I was passing with an A until they switched me at the end of November. My assignments that were graded never got transferred to the other class.

When I got to the class, I noticed some of my friends and waved then I went to the teacher and asked her to explain to me what we were doing in the class and that I had got my course changed. She had told me to sit down where ever I liked. So, I sat next to my male best friend.

A few days later, we had a Law Of Life essay to do. I told her I had already done the essay with my other educator, and that they can transfer my grades over. She said it didn't matter, and I could simply redo the assignment. Me being, a person who doesn't like to go back and forth with others, had just agreed to redo the assignment. Of course, I hadn't mind redoing it.

I had done the Law Of Life essay once in the 10th grade. So, this would have been my third time doing it. Every time I did a different story and theme I learned about in life. When I turned in my assignment, she gave me a 64 on it, even though I read through it. I made sure to check for any grammar and punctuation mishaps. She hadn't written any notes on the paper beside the 64.

I went to my favorite teacher after school - who was my IEP English teacher - and told her what had happened. She read the essay and shook her head in disbelief at what was composed on the paper. Not at the essay, but the number 64 on it and said "Unbelievable." And, well, that's how my GPA went down.

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FIrstly, I would talk to your school about this... they should have been able to transfer over your grades. Secondly, I would just explain to college admissions that there was an error when transferring over grades, but you have learned from this or something?


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In order for your GPA to drop so drastically, there would have to be more than 1 essay making this happen. If you have the ability to retake the class, do so as 4 years of English are required for most universities.

Your English teacher was not wrong in not allowing you to turn in your old assignment. ALWAYS rewrite assignments. If you turn in an assignment from a previous course in college, that counts as plagiarism (even if they are over the same topic).

Next time ask the teacher directly about any grade concerns. As your IEP teacher may not have the same requirements for their assignments.

I did not see a question in your post, but hope this helps!

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Thank you, I understand.


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