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Sending SAT score 1 day prior to application deadline - too late?

I am taking the October 1st SAT and expect the results to be released on October 14th, currently I have a 1410 from the May SAT. If I do end up getting a higher scorer this time, I would like to submit the October score to a certain college for which I plan to send my application by October 8th which has an October 15th EA deadline - would I have to report the score in the common app section for the college board reported score to even be considered? I would not be receiving the score by October 8th so if I do not report it in the common app and fill the "Number of future SAT sittings you expect" option to 1 but report it through CB when I receive it on the 14th, will it still be considered and will it be too late? And could I send the 1410 in the meanwhile on both the CA and from CBs side then later send the possible higher score for that to be considered?

(I know there is the option of waiting till the Oct 14th to send my application WITH my SAT score on BOTH CA and CB side for the Oct 15th deadline but due to some reasons I cannot share, I HAVE to apply by October 8th.)

Also for colleges with a November 1st deadline for whom I plan to send my application on October 20th, if I send the SAT score on October 14th, would that be late too?

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2 years ago

Collegeboard usually takes up to 14 days to send your scores to universities. It depends on the college whether it accepts late scores or not.

The good thing is that some colleges allow you to update scores on their portals.

Also keep in mind that submitting scores after you get them will lead to a $12 charge per score send thereafter.

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