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Any activity ideas for an Astronomy Club/other club ideas? I'm stumped.

I've been thinking of ways to get my extracurriculars list improved in order to reflect the current major I'm thinking of applying for (which is Astronomy/Astrophysics), and the main idea I have as of now is to found an Astronomy Club at my high school (to get a higher tier EC). I can't think of many activities to incorporate into the club, though. So far I was considering having club members work together to complete a research project or answer an inquiry question. I was also considering having one or two large projects, like constructing a telescope or something, but nothing else jumped out at me. Does anyone have any ideas for other potential things we could do, or another club I could try to found next year?

To give you a better idea of our school, our magnet school has around 400 students (9-12th) and very limited funding of our own, since we're public/smaller. Because of that, big budget things like a trip to go stargazing would be something really difficult (but not impossible) to pull off. Our size makes me worry that I wouldn't get many interested students as well.

Anything is appreciated! Thanks!

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1. Go to a museum or observatory

2. Chart the constellations

3. calculating the rise and set times for a star

4. Draw own map of the moon

5. Camp out on a clear night and make observations or make it a photography workshop

6. Learn about the history of the study of astronomy and the devices they used (like the astrolabe)

7. Ask an expert to give a talk at your school, Talk to local universities, clubs, and community colleges to find speakers. Have local astronomers come to share their astrophotos.

Both a research project and building a telescope sounds like great ideas!

See if you can partner with a local university or research lab to do your project and if you can enter competitions or get your work published in a scientific journal.

I hope this helps!

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[🎀 AUTHOR]@chickensandwich85106/29/2020 at 02:55AM

Oh, I hadn't even thought about a museum trip, that would be super cool! Thank you so much for the ideas!

@greentea1206/29/2020 at 02:56AM

Your welcome!

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A club is not strictly necessary but a blog could work as well join an established physics club and have a month or something devoted to astrophysicist.

If you make a club you can likely have it be revenue neutral by either printing materials and use prepaid materials. Also try asking a counselor principal vice principal if you can volunteer at sporting games and sell concessions and see if your club can take a cut.

PS stargazing can be organized out of school it assuming you mom/dad/guardian is willing to volunteer.