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Cumulative GPA for Indian students

Do Indian Students under CBSE curriculum need to fill in the Cumulative GPA and GPA Scale reporting in the grade section of the common app? IF yes, then how do we need to do that??


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2 years ago

Hi @Pratyoi!

You should be able to have a GPA on the Common App! Depending on the type of GPA (whether your school does percentage out of a 100 or out of the 10 CGPA scale) I have a few different sites that may be able to help you!

I don't know what type of GPA you are starting with, or if you just have percentages, but the sites I found SHOULD be able to help. If not, just respond back and I can try to help again!

First, here is a site that you can manually convert your class grades to the 10.0 GPA system (if you don't have a GPA at all). https://www.kopykitab.com/blog/cbse-grading-system/

Second, here is an equation system (for lack of better words) that you can convert a percentile or percentage into the US accepted GPA. https://www.gyandhan.com/blogs/convert-a-grade-in-india-to-the-us-gpa-scale

Third, if you have (or when you calculate) your 10 point CGPA, this website has a table that converts it into a 4.00 GPA and letter grade. https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/how-to-convert-10-point-cgpa-to-4-point-gpa-articlepage-2259

Fourth (and final!) CollegeVine has an automatic converter. First you enter your 10.0 GPA, then select the 10.0 GPA system, and then you select the 4.0 GPA as your desired GPA. https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-convert-your-gpa-to-a-4-0-scale/

Hopefully at least one of these sites are able to help you! Good luck with your college process!!

2 years ago[edited]

You don't need to convert to a 4.0 or any other scale. You can select the GPA Scale reporting as 100 and enter your percentage.

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