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What are the typical sat math and reading scores for top 100 engineering schools for 2022?

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I would break this down into 5 groups

1-20 - 750 EBRW 800 Math, schools like MIT, Caltech, Columbia, Cornell, UCBerkeley

21-40 - 720 EBRW 780 Math, schools like UMD, Other UC schools,

41-60 - 700 EBRW, 750 Math, schools like UPitt, Michigan State, Univ. of Florida

61-80 - 680 EBRW, 720 Math, schools like UMass, UConn, Syracuse

81-100 - 650 EBRW, 700 Math, schools like NJIT, Binghamton, UKentucky, BYU.

Other mitigating factors are race/demographics.

So if you are White or East Asian, you have to bump up the scores slightly because there is more competition. So at an Ivy League or Stanford, you might need a 1570-1600 composite or a 36 ACT score if you want to be admitted into the Engineering school. But if you are Black, LatinA or Indigenous then they might take you with a slightly lower score like 1480-1520 composite. If you are an international student they might give you a slight break on the EBRW score like 700-730 for a top school but you need a 790-800 on the math part.

Good luck.

a year ago

Hi @Jb926!

On niche.com, they have Engineering universities rated 1 to over 100. When you scroll through the pages of this website, it will give you the acceptance rate, net cost, and the range of SAT scores for that college. https://www.niche.com/colleges/search/best-colleges-for-engineering/

Hope this was able to help you! Good luck!

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