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What advice do you have on starting/running a club?

I'm considering starting a club next year but I don't have any prior leadership experience. I was just wondering if you have any advice for me. Also: If you've ever joined a school club what made you join that specific club?

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4 years ago

So I am in debate which combines my arguing and current event knowledge into an activity I really like. It doesn’t have to be major focused but that’s a bonus. The club should be interesting to you and be physically able to attend (if you have sports practice Monday afternoons don’t join a club that meets on Monday afternoons etc).

So depending on the club if it is a chapter on an international club such as NHS look at their website for establishing a club.

If it a club with local competitions make sure there is a local scene becuase if your club is the only team that’s not very good.

If it a school club ex chess anime etc talk to teachers and see if any of them will be the “sponsor” who almost all schools require to have a club. Also wisdom suggests don’t ask a math teacher for a book club.

Make sure there are others interested.

You may google insert highschool clubs and look to see if there is documented procedures for how to establish it. If not reach out to an administrator Vice principal or principal or counselor.

It helps to establish for lack of a better term a “syllabus” which should show how you’ll finance it what the club will do (mission statement) and a rudementy plan.

Hope this helps!

Comment if you need clarification.

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