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What clubs should I join for Ivy League acceptance?

I plan to shoot for the moon with an Ivy League school, and even if I don’t end up going to one, I should be well-prepared for any other college. So, assuming I am preparing for Ivy League, what kinds of clubs should I do? I already swim very competitively (3 hour commitment every night + meets frequently on weekends), and am in Spanish, French, Interact, and FBLA clubs. As of right now, I do not hold any officer positions, since French, Interact, and FBLA are new for me this year (I am a sophomore). What other clubs should I look into, or what things should I be doing outside of school to boost my chances of success?

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That's a really good question. I think it takes a lot of work to get there. Essay writing services can help and you'll get through without a doubt. Good luck to you.

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2 years ago

It already sounds like you're doing a lot! Especially with swim and the 4 clubs you are in. My advice for joining any future clubs is to do what you are truly interested in. There aren't really any specific clubs that ivy leagues are looking for. As long as you can show that you made an impact with your involvement in the clubs you are in, that is good. I would suggest trying to run for officer positions in the clubs you are already in for your junior year. If your school doesn't offer the club(s) you are interested in, start one yourself! That shows initiative and determination.

Outside of school, possibly look into getting an internship in the field you are interested in going into. Internships can show that you have an interest in academics and the field you are entering, as well as that you have experience.

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