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I have a G.P.A of 3.9, Sat score of 1350, about average activities, no APs, and no PSAT. Which are the best collages (Computer Science) I can get into. Please, consider giving a reply if you have any idea about it.

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2 years ago[edited]

The best tool you can use is to fill out a proper College Profile and add all your stats, honors, course work, grades, and ECs into that profile. Then make a list of colleges with CS majors and see if you qualify. If your probability percentage is less than 10% for a college, you are most likely not going to be considered 11-25% would be like a reach school for you, 26-45% a hard target, 46-79% a target school, and 80+% a safety roughly speaking.

Grades are subjective these days and admissions officers will evaluate grades in the context of your high school and the courses you have taken. If you haven't taken any APs or Honors or IBS or college courses, then your 3.9 GPA will be considered compared to other students from your town, city, etc who are applying to the same college. Therefore East Indian students who have more impressive course rigor and evidence of intellectual vitality will appear better prepared than your academic narrative.

Your 1350 is on the low side for Computer Science majors. I think even at public universities like Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, UT Austin, UMD, and UIUC, you need a 1500 or better to be competitive and between a 750-800 on the math section. If you are an international student, it's important to submit more data points than fewer data points. Since you have no coursework that is at the AP, IB, or college level, submitting a high test score will be beneficial for you if you want to attend such schools.

There is a direct correlation between the best Colleges and financial aid. So if you will be applying for financial aid, I would suggest you simultaneously make a list of colleges that offer your intended major that also offer the kind of financial support you require to attend. Often students only focus on what school they can apply to without thinking through who is going to pay for it. It's better to figure out the latter first and then make a list of colleges so there will not be any disappointments that you can't attend for lack of funding.

2 years ago

Maybe something like UMD or UIUC. ?Also what are your extracurriculars. Average is a way too broad term to be quantified

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