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National Database of Geogrpahical Represnation?

So this is a very wierd question:

Does anyone know of a “database” that has the geographical representation of students admitted at schools NOT by region. Similar to the map for Princeton. I really only want the data for flagship public schools such as X state university and ivy+ schools.



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4 years ago

Man... this is tough. I spent a few minutes searching for something similar and I don’t think there’s a consistent database between schools for this kind of information. The closest approximation of the information I assume you’re looking for is how competitive it is to get into schools if you’re from a certain state—the best way I’d say for approximating this data is their “geographical residence” section on the Common Data Set for any school and the NMSQT cutoff scores for each state. Typically, schools that weight “geographical residence” higher will lower expectations for less competitive states (states with low NMSQT cutoffs, as an approximation of competitiveness) more than schools that don’t care about geographical residence. Also, any school that brags about having students from ALL 50 states probably do this as well.

It’s not an exact science, and as someone from a pretty rural state, it’s easy to wish it was, so I’ll leave more resources here if I can find them, but I think your best bet is looking at the Common Data Set for schools and NMSQT cutoffs for states to approximate host residence might impact your chances, if that’s what you were hoping for with the map.

You could also try talking to your regional admissions officer, but they likely wouldn’t give you solid numbers by state, and no matter what schools put on the Common Data Set for how they weight geographical residence they will pretty much tell you where you live won’t impact your chances of admission, not counting in state/out of state for schools that care about that.

4 years ago

Hey DebaterMAX! This is a weird question but I believe that searching thoroughly will help you find what you are looking for.

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