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Photography Contests?

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Hey, I'm a rising sophomore who has a passion for photography. I take pride in my work, and I want to get it out into the world. Is there anything I can do turn my passion into something I can put onto my college apps?

I even have my own photography site + an almost blog. I am looking for ways to get it out for people to see and appreciate (I don't have social media).

That just leaves me with competitions. Are there any competitions people know that the average person can enter into (I already know about YoungArts- but that's a pretty prestigious one, RMSP, Sony World Photography Youth Contest).

I would appreciate all the information I can get, so please put whatever that comes to your mind. :)

Thank you!


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National Geographic Photo Contest- Idk if they host it anymore

National Geographic Student Expeditions- Not a contest but they teach photography all over the world (and they offer scholarships) Student Photo Contest

Genius Olympiad- They have a photography division

Scholastic Writing and Arts- They also have a photography division

Also, see if your city/county hosts a photo contest and if you can take photography classes at a rec center.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much, that really helped. I will begin exploring these asap!! :)
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If you check out @genzcreates on Instagram or, they have submissions open for a contest, and contributor applications open.

thank you! I checked out their Instagram and website, do you know how to submit photos to be featured? Also, what type of photos do they have to be - I looked at their photography section, and they have a couple of nature photos but that's it.
You can DM them! They accept everything, my friend says that they have only gotten nature photos so far. Their link in their bio has more info!
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I fully agree w the other user. My only suggestion is that you should make an instagram account for your photography. If you are concerned that either 1) it will mess with your mental state (as most social media accounts do) or 2) you don’t want to see people form your school on insta/compare yourself to them, then make the account anonymous. Insta is a great way to get art or digital media out into the world since it is immensely popular and since everyone is home they are on social media a lot more. Link your portfolio/blog on there as well.

Thank you! I already have an anonymous Instagram account, but I have less than 10 followers *mostly people I already know*. Do you have any advice for gaining exposure?
YES it is quite late for me so i will reply tomorrow but I can de help
alright, sorry about that! time zones :)
no problem! i have an art account with just over 200 followers which i started during quarantine so here’s my advice- 1) use A LOT of hashtags on your post to gain traction - you can put up to 30 and i would put them all, look up “best photography tags” or something like that. the most popular ones are #cute #pretty #artwork #photography #photographer #photo #aesthetic and stuff like that 2) scroll through #photography every day and comment on recent/new posts as well as like a lot of photos