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What extracurricular activities to do?

I am a sophomore wanting to get into Princeton. I want to start my own business in cosmetics and I am unsure what to do to get into an Ivy League. Any advice on what clubs or internships to take?

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4 years ago

So very broad EC suggestion

Have 9-10 ECs

Have leadership in 3-5

Have 1-3 relate to major (buisness)

The ECs can range from a fashion blog to a taco bell cashier to chess club president to member of yearbook club. Just be dedicated if you don’t spend atleast a 90 minutes a week for over half the year it will likely not be super impressive. And be unique I want to go into STEM but I’m making myself a primarly humanities applicant with spattering of STEM.

Try to have some community involvement not just school clubs and if at all possible have 2-4 be tier D or better and the rest be tier f or better one or 2 can be tier H or better but Tier H is recommended.

For example I’m trying to get into Rice

Tier D 1x

Tier E 2x

Tier H 3x

Tier F 5x

And these are acording to CV strong ECs and They May be weaker in an application due to time commitment to them. With all of this I am busy everyday of the week except Fridays (reserved for academics). So a strong ECs is necessary for college admissions. So find activities that you like and have the opportunity for leadership Preferably relating to buisness.

Internships are usually organized through an organization and google internships high school insert city. Also don’t be afraid to just quit a club if it is not to your benefit. I advised someone who wanted to be a chemist history or music major to drop a math club as its cool but the person had no accolades and was out of place.

Hope this helps comment if you want clarification

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