3 months ago
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I (Freshman HS) really like History but Ive been advised against taking APUSH or APEH next year, how difficult are they?

Not a college admissions question but still


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3 months ago

They are AP level classes, but that said, they are not impossibly difficult. I'm assuming you write well (there are a lot of essays) and that you are aware of the time needed outside of class.

If it interests you and you have the dedication to do the work, then I would say go for it! Many people take this as part of their sophomore year.

2 months ago

I think it depends on the teacher and your work ethic. This can apply to most APs but APUSH in particular you definitely need to put in effort outside of just classwork. (As in, doing your own studying and review instead of just doing stuff in class). Personally, history has never been something I enjoyed/was good at and at the time I had a terrible work ethic so I did not do well at all. (Although that year I was fully remote so I like to say it wasn't my fault lol). You should definitely ask around your school about the teachers for that course because if they give good notes and assign homeworks that are actually useful then you should be good.


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