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I will be taking the ACT on 21 October, and My scores are in the range of the low 20s.

I have one month to prepare and I am a senior.

Do you have any plans or advice for me? knowing that I aiming to get a 34 or something near that..

I know 34 is a little hard for just a month of prep but I am willing to do what it takes (I am an international student so I knew about the ACT very late but I have good extracurriculars, activities, and awards) so, that's why I need to do well in the ACT because most of the other parts in my application are good.


Currently, what I am doing is that I am preparing from Crackab.com (crack ACT the site redirects to ACT official website).

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2 years ago[edited]

Hello @Michael_Naeim00

ACT tips and tricks articles - https://magoosh.com/hs/act/

Diagnostic tests, explanations, etc. - https://www.varsitytutors.com/act-practice-tests

More ACT questions - https://blog.prepscholar.com/complete-official-act-practice-tests-free-links

(I had another link that I put into this answer but it turns out that the site removed their ACT links due to copyright issues :(... So this might not be as useful as I was intending, sorry!)

Overall, just don't sweat it! Keep up your studying and practice makes perfect! Good luck.

2 years ago

I think you should apply test-optional and use your lack of time to focus on writing better essays and making sure your application is as viable and impressive as possible.

The odds are highly against you to improve an ACT score say from a 22 to a 34 in 4 weeks. That's like improving from a 63% percentile to a 99% percentile score. For most ACT test preppers, it's impossible to expect a 99% ACT score regardless of how much time they put into it.

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