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Would a school rescind admission over a change in courses?

I submitted my College match application this week. I do dual enrollment al my local community college. On the application, I said I was taking 3 AP courses (Lit, Geo, Env Sci) and that next semester I was planning to take three courses at my community college (French 2, Calc 2, and Chemistry). I want to drop either AP Lit or AP Geography to an on-level course because I'm looking to go into the sciences and already passed the APUSH, APWH, and AP Lang exams. In looking at registration for courses next semester, I really want to take a 3-credit Environmental Biology course instead of a 5-credit chemistry course which would require me to come to campus. Would these two shifts in my courses on the mid-year report be grounds for rescinding an acceptance? I worry that if I don't, my grades will drop.


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2 months ago[edited]

All these answers are incorrect because you are talking about the Questbridge College Match application not direct college applications to institutions via Common App or Coalition App or their own portal apps.

For all the people answering this question, you didn't make it clear that this was a Questbridge problem on the Questbridge College Match application which is a completely different application process compared to directly applying to colleges directly. Since the QB is like a 1 giant common app that eventually gets reformatted and sent to up to 15 ED colleges (except MIT which is EA), you really need to contact your people at Questbridge and tell them that your QB application has a mistake on it and if they can help you make the correction before they send it out to up to 15 schools. I still think you have time since your Ranking list doesn't have to be submitted until the 13th of October, and they are not going to finalize your matches until the 29th of October. So you want to make sure your QB application gets to your intended college list by the 13th of October, so you have like 12 days to properly fix this with QB staff currently evaluating the 20,000 applications submitted on 9/26. Seriously, this was the wrong place to ask this question. You really should be on Questbridge's social media and be in regular contact and discussion with those folks (other QB applicants and Admins) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The problem here is that if you do not contact QB in Palo Alto and have someone work with you to fix this problem, then up to 15 schools are going to see some future problems with what you stated as truthful and complete on your QB agreement when you completed the College Match APp and what they get as a mid-year report.

I would only listen to the final advice on Questbridge regarding this matter since the problem exists on the QB application not an application to a particular college. So ignore what was previously said by the respondents and call QB as soon as possible to fix this.

Good luck.

join the 2022-2023 Questbridge CPS and Match Finalists group on Facebook, there are at least 500 members and about 20 admin who have completed this process before that can help you.

3 months ago

Colleges wouldn't be too concerned about what level of Literature or Geography you take because these are not relevant to your intended major.

Rescinding an acceptance is a huge step that is a consequence of severe integrity issues. Here are some of the causes of rescinding an acceptance; shifting courses does not seem to fall under any of these:


Hope this helps!

2 months ago

Your proposed course changes are unlikely to result in a rescinded acceptance. Colleges only rescind admission for a few serious reasons - namely, a large drop in grades during senior year, evidence of false information on your application, or unethical behavior. Since you are only changing two of your courses, and one of them will still be a rigorous 3-credit dual enrollment class, you will not fall into any of those categories. If anything, you are lowering your chances of getting a rescinded offer because your grades will be higher. Hope this helps!

3 months ago

I think it depends on what type of college. An elite school might, but a state school probably won't. I think it is best to speak with the admissions counselor at the school to be sure.


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