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What are my chances of getting into University of Maryland as an international student?

Can I get scholarship or financial aid? (with my current profile) I will be appling in JAN 2023

GPA- 3.8 ,SAT-1120 (expected 1350+ in 2nd attempt), senior year, (Indian)international student,

I am also applying to UIUC, UCB, etc. for my bachelor's and I have enrolled in a NGO as a " Social Entrepreneurship" intern position but it is free (I will be working for free but surely gain experience). I was prefect in my school and captain of the football team. I am currently also studying for JEE (coaching). I surely have good grades and good amount of extracurriculars but the ones I am interested in was not fully supported in my school (i.e. football, CS, and Maths competitions).


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2 years ago

Short answer is no.

Financial Certification

As an international applicant, you are required to provide proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses while attending the University of Maryland (UMD).

If you are admitted to UMD and hold or intend to seek an F-1 Student or J-1 Exchange Visitor visa, you must provide proof of available financial resources to cover one year’s worth of expenses (tuition, fees, books, insurance and living expenses). You are only required to provide this documentation after your are offered admission to UMD and have confirmed your enrollment.

For information on what documents to submit, please review the International Student & Scholar Services Acceptable Funding page. There you will also find estimated cost of attendance information. Regarding tuition, fees and financing your education at UMD, please keep in mind the following:

Tuition and fees for each semester, as well as other university charges, books and supplies must be paid in full before the first day of classes.

Medical insurance is required for all international students attending UMD.

As a publicly funded institution, UMD is unable to provide financial assistance to international students. You can find other options for financing your education on the Office of Student Financial Aid website

You are not a very viable candidate for UMD even as full pay student. 85%+ have 4.0 GPAs and only 8% have 3.75-3.99 GPAs. Their mid-SAT score range is 1340-1490 so 1120 is way below their range. A 1350 would better but still low for UMD.

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