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how can i send my speech in

about mental illness and mental health

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2 months ago

What's your question? Who do you want to send your speech to? Collegevine? Colleges? Someone else. You need to take the time and formulate a complete coherent question when you make an inquiry or else you will not get any responses germane to your intended question.

2 months ago

I agree with @Liltrooper that you need to formulate better, but it's not because we don't want to help. It's because we need to know how we can help you. If you post a more coherent question, I'd love to help you, especially since I have quite a bit of experience with helping others deal with mental and sociological disorders.

Can't wait for your next question!

2 months ago[edited]

Hi @desireealana23,

Thanks for clarifying! It's pretty to submit an essay. On a computer, if you hover over the "Communities" tab on the top of the site, the last link will say 'Peer essay review." {{Or click this link https://www.collegevine.com/essays/review }}. Then, it will bring you to a page titled "Essay review." Here, you can choose if you'd like to spend 10 karma to have a peer on CollegeVine or spend real money and have a professional read over your speech. Once you choose, you have to pick the prompt that you are submitting for, the school(s) involved, what you'd like feedback on, and then copy a physical version of your speech. You can also choose to "fast track" the essay review for an extra 10 karma.

Once you've submitted, you'll get a notification that your essay has been reviewed. You can check it under the "my essays" tab in the "peer essay review" section.

Hope this helped! Thanks for clarifying what you needed help with :)


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