2 years ago
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Can I know?

I am an indian and I don't know much about american semester in college. I want to know that when does spring session and fall session will start for college.

I will be applying to college during the end of the 2021 that is I will be starting my college in 2022.

I want to know everything about early decision and regular and when will spring session start and fall session will start.

I want to apply early so which session I will be in spring or fall?

I want to know everything about the year in American College.

Can anybody tell me everything regarding this?


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2 years ago

Spring and fall semesters vary by college. Fall semester basically means when the school will get back from summer break. Spring starts when winter break ends. If you're applying early decision/ action, then you will start in the fall. Colleges typically post when their applications are due on their websites, so I'd recommend looking there first.

The early decision basically means that you'll get the results for admission earlier than if you'd apply by the regular deadline. Early action is different. If you get accepted to a school with Early Action, YOU HAVE TO ATTEND. That's why it's recommended you hold that spot for your dream school because it has been shown your admission chances will double if you apply that way.


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