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Hey guys, so I'm not really sure if this is the right community to post in, but are there any Hartwick students on here that could tell me about the student experience there? I'm a high school junior, and I have what I consider to be a pretty good scholarship already. I plan on doing the three year track for public health while completing pre-med requirements. There are a few things about the school I'm not particularly fond of (no cars for first years, must buy a meal plan, etc), but overall the school seems great. I'd like to hear real students experiences with Hartwick.

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If Hartwick is one of your schools, then under 'schools' you can request a connection with an advisor at the college, which for Hartwick is Travis Moyer. He could maybe hook you up with a student or alumni to talk about experiences. Also, if you go to the tab that says 'communities' and click on 'all communities' you can sign onto the feed for prospective students for that college. You will be waitlisted, but usually they let you on pretty soon. On that feed, you can talk to students and prospective students about all stuff Hartwick.

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