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Including Learning Difference in Applications

Would including a learning difference in my additional information section help my application?

I'm a student with a 4.42 GPA and a 1530 SAT score. I received a late diagnosis of dyslexia in my junior year. It hasn't visually affected my grades (as they went from 95 average to 98 average), but it's definitely impacted my learning all my years of high school and the diagnosis really helped explain a lot. It also stopped me from taking one AP in a subject I struggled with the year before (earning an A- in one semester because of the amount of reading - something that's a bit minute). I'm writing my college essay on something else, but I was wondering if I should include dyslexia in the additional information section and if it would help or hurt my application.

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2 months ago

Mentioning your dyslexia would give you an admissions boost rather than hurting your application! It would make your high academic achievement even more impressive, and it would also give you the benefits of affirmative action - disabilities are considered a type of diversity by colleges. Hope this helps!

2 months ago

To answer your question, no It wouldn't hurt to include dyslexia in your application as that is something about you and it's important for them to know- but it's not as if it's hurting your chances. Especially because your grades are high. Hope this helps!


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