2 months ago
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Does sending unwanted materials like these to colleges hurt admission chances?

Last month a sent my AP scores to every college I'm applying to. I had no idea that we didn't have to. What will happen? They didn't say not to send them and some of the schools were listed as test flexible. So I was confused.


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2 months ago

It won't hurt to send anything extra unless a college specifically asks you to NOT send anything extra. Your AP scores will give the colleges an idea about how well you know the material you're taught and your ability to handle college-level coursework.

Many schools are test-optional/flexible, which means they don't require test scores, particularly SAT and ACT scores. This doesn't indicate that submitting test scores will work against you; it works in your favor in most cases, unless there are other applicants with better stats. Don't worry, AP scores are usually not used for comparison with others because there's a lot of variety. You can't say someone with a 5 in AP Psychology is smarter than someone with a 4 in AP Calculus AB.

Hope this clears your confusion!


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