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1. I am taking the ACT in 21/10 and found that I have some lack in my knowledge so I started studying from this book and solving in crackab.com and varsity tutors.com as they have some good explanations.

This is the book that I am currently studying from:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1On6RRk7SEXSNnTAGHlWnqQ-dMIiHagAx/view?usp=sharing

should I continue doing that, knowing that my score has recently been increasing due to studying the content

Aiming for 34 or something near that. I already registered for the exam so I have to just prepare and do my best (even If I didn't the score I want, at least I did my best)

2. I am worried about personal statements so I started reading more about it in the 50 ivy essays book and college essay guy, should I continue doing that? (got some ideas about myself but my problem idk How to write a really good one that can make me stand out.

3. If you have any additional advice for choosing ED college, please tell me.

My profile is basically a heavy cs profile as I participated in heavy competitions in my field so I don't want a little thing to affect me.

I am having good extracurricular activities and awards that can make me a little different than many applicants, but I am asking because I am a little worried about these things that can affect me if I didn't do well in them.

Thanks in advance <3


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2 years ago

Hi @Michael_Naeim00!

1. The book you chose looks fine, but the important thing is that you practice regularly and are adaptive (i.e. you focus your study time on the areas you are weakest in). If you've found the material helpful and your scores are improving, then I think you're on the right track.

2. It would probably help to go back to the basics and consider what story you want to tell about yourself in your essay. Reading practice examples can help you pick a topic and implement it effectively, but they're not necessarily going to inspire you with what to write from scratch. I'd recommend brainstorming some ideas first and then assessing them in light of which examples you liked most.

3. I'd suggest checking out our school list hub and Chancing Engine for this, as they'll be able to give you recommendations based off your preferences and resume. Just make sure you put more emphasis on the kind of environment you'd like to live and study in, as there's plenty of colleges that fit your criteria but have very different social environments.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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