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Which ACT score should I use?

I am applying to Drexel, the University of Washington, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for business. These schools don't superscore, and I have 2 ACT scores with the same composite. The first is 36 English, 30 Math, 36 Reading, 30 Science in June, and the second is 36 English, 28 Math, 36 Reading, and 33 Science in July. Which one should I send to schools?

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2 years ago

As you're going for business, a higher Math score is more impactful than a higher Science score. It would be a good idea to submit the 1st one, which has a 30 Math.

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2 years ago[edited]

Your first test sitting is a 33 flat even composite score and the second a 33.25, just a tad higher however is also a 33 composite score. Nevertheless, both of them are the same 33 composite scores, the first one visually looks better because of your 30 math score and that is significantly better than a 28 in the second sitting of your Math section. Or a 91% percentile in math doesn't look as good as a 94% percentile. And I don't think that is as significant of the difference between your science scores which are 93% and 97%.

I would submit the 1st test score and then in the add'l info section write that you took the ACT a 2nd time and improved the Science score to 33 but had a lower math score. That will cover all your bases.

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