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Will a C+ tank my GPA

I'm an HS senior and have a 4.0 GPA, BUT I'm struggling in pre-calc and a C+, will this tank my GPA


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2 years ago

Your GPA will be slightly lower but not catastrophic.

If you take 6 classes a semester, your semester GPA will be 3.716, if you take 7 classes your GPA will be 3.757 and if you take 8 classes your GPA will be 3.7875. That means your cumulative GPA will be either 3.96, 3.965 or 3.97. So that will not have any impact on your academic index when your transcript is evaluated by colleges. You will not be denied a spot at your college of choice because of a 0.03 or 0.04 difference in unweighted cumulative GPA.

Hope this answer helps you cope and chillax a bit.

2 years ago

Yes, this will negatively affect your GPA for sure, however, it may not be as adverse of an effect as you think. As a senior, all the classes you have already taken cushion your GPA already. You can do the math to see how much your GPA will drop:

Tally up how many HS classes you've taken, add four points for an A, three for a B, and two for a C. Add one to the point value if it is a weighted class like an AP, (add five points for an A and so forth)

Find the sum and divide by the total number of classes. This will be your weighted GPA.

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