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Consistently made a B in English throughout high school. How will this affect my admissions if at all?

I have never been the strongest when it comes to English in the academic setting, probably due to being raised in the deep south. English is the only subject I have ever made a B (less than 93) on, with my freshman and sophomore English both coming at a score of 92 and pre-AP English coming in at a 90. I actually got a 95 in the actual AP English Language class, surprisingly. This has ultimately brought my unweighted down to 3.9 over 3 years. I was wondering how exactly my poor performance will affect my admissions into colleges and if it will be looked down upon?

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a year ago

First of all, a 3.9 is not a poor performance by anyone's standards. Getting Bs in difficult English classes is not a big problem. I think the fact you challenged yourself with AP English Lang and got a 95 shows some upward trend and true grit for grinding it out.

You can't take back your 9th/10th English grades but you can do something proactive like studying hard for the ACT or SAT and getting high marks on the English and Writing sections. I think if you got a 34/35/36 on the ACT English/Writing or a 720-800 on the EBRW SAT portion that will clearly offset any previous doubts about your Bs earlier on in your hs English coursework.

Good luck.

a year ago

One class can't effect your admission much especially because you were taking hard classes even if your grades weren't up to your expectation. Also having a 3.9 is not bad, I would focus on your senior grades and make sure to take AP classes because colleges want to see you constantly challenging yourself. A B in honors or AP is great compared to a B or A in normal CPE.

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