2 months ago
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I'm confused as when I apply my race here on collegevine on what I'd be considered as?

This is a question more about college vine itself

To give some insight I'm from Iraq (Both of my parents as well)- I know that I'm middle eastern but in terms of race in the US what would I be considered as?


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2 months ago

For some reason, the US census classifies people of Middle Eastern or North African descent as "White". If you were to go with the federally sanctioned classifications, you'd answer as such. However, the Cornell Daily Sun says that some will put "Asian", "African", or "Other". If it were me, I would say "Other" and then specify "Arab", "Kurdish", or whatever ethnic group you are part of :)

2 months ago

If both your parents are from Iraq (Arabs, Kurds, etc), you are considered Asian


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