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how do i efficiently raise my gpa?

i am a freshman with a weighted gpa of 3.9 and a cumulative gpa of 3.4. i am currently taking three honors classes with one ap class. i have all a's, and am never late to any of my classes. my grade dropped due to my carelessness with my high school classes in eighth grade. what is the most efficient way to raise it?

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2 years ago

The best you can do is keep a solid A+ through every class each semester. Getting at least a 95% in every course will slowly but surely raise your GPA. I think the most important thing to note right now is immediate action. The more you get into your high school years, the harder it is to shift your GPA. The year you can affect your GPA the most is freshman year, the second semester. Also, your 8th-grade scores don't count as much as you may think, so don't worry. You said carelessness was a big problem last year, so these tips may help.

1 - No procrastination. Look forward to something you can do after you get your homework or project done to encourage you to finish

2 - Safe space. Making your study/schoolwork spot a place you feel comfortable in makes a big difference in the quality of your work. (aka, pillows, blankets, and boba)

3 - Intervals. The longer you work, the harder it is to do your best. I like working for 20 minutes and then doing something fun for five. I come back refreshed and looking forward to my next break.

4 - Inertia. The more you do your best, the better grades you'll get. The way you work and study will become a habit and it'll get easier to maintain your GPA.

5 - Anti-perfectionism. Know that you have 4 years to get your stuff up to scratch. Failing one test isn't going to kill you. Having a positive attitude about grades is important, and if you feel anxious, stop thinking about it for a bit and come back to it when you're in a safe space.

6 - Life-line. Make sure you have a teacher or counselor at your school who can help you navigate any icebergs that might sink your ship. Say you miss a day of school because you were sick or your wifi went out; they can help you.

We've all had trouble from time to time with grades, but the fact that you're ready to give your best effort is obvious. Thank you for reaching out instead of handling it on your own. Hope this helps!

2 years ago

It sounds like you're doing great! No need to worry. Keep taking honors and APs as much as possible, which should raise your weighted and make sure to look for any straggling grades, such as a C on a test and work to raise it. (believe it or not, simply asking a teacher if you can retake a test goes a long way). Also if you manage to raise your GPA, it would look REALLY good on an essay if you talk about how you worked hard to go from a 3.4 to a 3.8 or whatever.

2 years ago[edited]

Hey, as a sophomore I get your struggle!

Here are a few things you could do:

1. Stay on top of your grades- what I mean by this is to make sure there aren't any "flunking" grades at all and if you see one try and work on it.

2. If you got a bad grade on a test, quiz or assignment email your teacher and ask if you could go over what you did wrong.

3. ATTEND TUTORING OR GET A TUTOR- this is extremely important as if you feel you are struggling, it's best to get help rather than letting your grades drop.

4. Turn your assignments in on time- Try not to turn any assignments in late, as a teacher may or may not give partial credit. Or just do not accept any late work at all!

5. It's okay to take a break- When studying if you feel tired, splash your face with water and go do something fun for a bit. And whenever you are ready come back and continue.

6. Get good sleep- Not getting enough hours is something that will affect your grades. Think about you are having a test, but you are really tired because you didn't get enough hours of sleep and because of that you fail. Sometimes it's okay to sleep late because of work but don't have like 3 or 2 hours of sleep.

7. ASK FOR HELP- Even I struggle with this. Listen asking for help will be a literal game changer. Staying quiet is only going to hurt you and you won't understand the class.

8. AND FINALLY- Be Positive- now, you can have your bad days, as we are human. But, don't bring in a negative attitude when doing your homework, projects etc. As it'll show.

Hope this helps, and if you have any questions I'm right here!

2 years ago

Your GPA is based on all four years of high school. I would suggest keeping your grades up in your freshman year and taking more ap classes in the future.

2 years ago

Your gpa is based on your years throughout your school years so I'd suggest taking more Aps later on and making sure you stay on stop of your work. You have plenty of time to raise it not only this year but the following

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