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Should I share my SAT and ACT scores with these top colleges?


I am a senior student planning on sending my test scores to all my colleges, but I am not sure whether I should send them to some colleges in my list as they are not in the mid-50% range of all scores. I have 1500 on my SAT and 33 on my ACT, and I am applying to UChicago, Stanford, and Brown University including other colleges on my list, except that these three are highly selective with average test scores above mine. I do have a decent GPA and not-very-impressive ECs, so should I take advantage of the test-optional policy or send these scores, or is sending something better than nothing?

Thank you!

@canav2 years ago

When you apply for test-optional programs, they also consider your ECs and high school courses. rolling ball 3d Sending your ACT and SAT scores will enhance your admission chances

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2 years ago

With your scores, I would send them in. Test optional has skewed the reported scores as only those with exceptional scores are submitting them. This has equated to an average reported increase of 100 point on the SAT. A 1500 is 100% respectable at any school.

Additionally, without scores, the school will put more weight on other parts of your application. If you have admittedly not-so-great ECs, do you want more focus on that?

The last thing to keep in mind is not to get discouraged if these elite schools don't accept you. They have their pick of students and often there seems to be no rhyme nor reason for who they accept vs. who they reject. Make sure you apply to some Exceptional schools as a fallback.

With your scores, you will have many choices. It is just that the Elite schools have their pick of exceptional candidates like yourself. Congratulations on all of your hard work and achievement!

2 years ago

The average ACT and SAT scores for these schools are about the same as your test scores. If you apply for test optional, they look for other things such as ECs and the courses you took in high school. If you don't have much to show for ECs and impressive GPA scores, I recommend sending the ACT and SAT scores because it will help with the admission chance.

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