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Switching to Online Homeschool mid-year Senior year?

I recently finished the first quarter of my senior year (I was taking 3 aps, an honors class, and was signed up to take a dual enrollment but I decided not to take it). However I ended up having to miss a bit of school due to mental health problems and I’m considering switching to online homesschool to help my mental health a bit. I have already submitted my college applications.

If I decide to continue taking the same classes but through homeschool, will the colleges I applied to look down at this? I applied ED to Duke (I have a 21% of getting in according to collegevine) and I’m afraid I’ll get my potential offer rescinded

Or, if I completely reduce my workload (as I already have most credits I need to graduate except an English credit), will I just automatically get rejected from the colleges I applied to? I have a literally perfect record so far (Straight As, 4.3 GPA, multiple extracurriculars, 33 ACT and also a poc woman). However, my mental health is HORRIBLE and I feel that I can’t keep up the amount of classes I need to maintain my class rank/GPA or even get into college

my class schedule rn:

AP Lit (A)

AP calc (A)

AP Chem(B)

Elective (pass / fail)

Honors Art History (A)

Dual Enrollment Psych (dropped before the class started)

Elective (A)

I’m thinking of just taking AP literature and Medical terminology and graduating several months early so I can focus on my well-being. I’m considering applying to a teen board position at my local library and work a bit as well so I’ll have decent extracurriculars. Can I explain this to my colleges ? (Duke, UF, usf, Fau, fgcu)


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2 years ago[edited]

Mental health is paramount so it doesn't really matter what other people think right now. If you have to take care of your mental health, then opt for homeschooling and wait for your ED decision from Duke. If you get in great, you can always decide to take a gap year to recover if you get in. And start the following year. And you can do this with all your schools.

I highly recommend this because otherwise you will not give yourself enough time to get your head straight and you might be repeating the same cycle over and over until you crash and burn out.

You might look for some old posts from @CameronBameron. She got accepted ED to Columbia but felt insecure about health issues in an online class campus environment so instead decided to take a GAP year and inform Columbia 2021-22. During the month of December, she applied to some top boarding schools as a PG postgraduate student. She got into a few of them and decided on Deerfield Academy. There was no academic purpose in going except to extend her intellectual curiosity and take classes she was interested. But it served a greater purpose of assimilating into an Ivy-type culture and living, eating, studying, and hanging out with super smart kids 24/7 for a gap year. I think this helped her transition to Columbia where she goes to school.

2 years ago

Hi @amy45339!

I think you can pull this off if you continue to take comparable classes and provide some explanation to universities regarding your choice.

The main concern a college will have is that you got a serious case of senioritis and decided to cut school after getting your college acceptances. Of course, this scenario doesn't bode well for you as a future student, which is why it's the most common reason people get their admissions revoked (rare as that is).

Taking comparable courses and getting good grades in them will go a long way to reassuring colleges that this is not the case. In most cases, they will also send you a warning letter before rescission, which would give you some time to explain your case.

I'd recommend waiting until you get your decisions and then stay in contact with the university you decide to matriculate to. Taking a proactive approach will help avoid any surprises on their end and should get you some clear information as to their expectations. Your own well-being is the priority here, so I'd do what's best for you and keep the college updated.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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