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How do you create a good college list accommodating your major and stats?


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2 years ago

Try think of the college you really want to go. This website is really good at sorting out the college based on major. If the college you really want to go is not listed on the major, then find another one that looks good. The first thing you see in a college is the campus. So, try find a college with a campus you want to be in. Pick around 3-4 colleges that you really want to go based on your major and those will be your dream schools.

Next, pick 3-4 colleges that match your GPA (and SAT if you have one). Before you start there, try finishing your collegevine profile with your class ranking, your class rigor, and everything. After you finish your collegevine profile, you can find colleges that have an admission chance of around 50%. Those colleges are your targets and you have a pretty good chance of getting in.

Lastly, pick 1-3 colleges that fit your major and your stats are above the recommended stats for the college. Collegevine tends to place them in safety column as they give you an 80-90% admission chance rate.

I hope that helps.

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