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How to start a virtual non-profit organization

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I am a high school junior and I am planning to start a virtual non-profit organization.

I want to know what can I do to start.

What I need to do and how I will reach people. My main goal will be to help teenagers fight depression

What should I do?

I have ideas but I don't know from where to start and what I need to do?

How to raise funds and unite people and how to reach many people and what can I do in a virtual non-profit organization?

hello! i'm also an upcoming junior. your idea is pretty cool, but i have a question. how will you be helping teenagers fighting depression through this non profit?
@hiplikeabdullah I don't have a great idea yet but I think I will do webinars and podcasts and I want to connect teenagers around the world so that they can talk and share problems. I can interact with them. If you have any suggestion please share.
i absolutely love this idea! but what would you do with donation money the organization receives?
I will invite guests. Like people who have achieved something in life and some good people maybe some authors or celebs

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first you wanna have a tight knit group to help you get started; get the ideas flowing. what do you want your brand to look like and how will you achieve that? you can make social media accounts and advertise through instagram, twitter, or even tiktok.

Thank you..but tik tok is banned in my country(India)
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Have you thought about starting a youtube channel or a website? That seems like it could be a great first step to reaching people to share your webinars and podcasts with :)

I think this is a great idea and could really help a lot of people struggling with depression

@wallflower thank you but can you please explain about website a little bit more like what can I do on website. How to go for that. And how to furthur expand my listeners. If you have any advice please share.
I have never made a website myself, but I googled "how to create a free website" and found these options which look good and have free versions I think: You can post your podcasts on the website, or links to videos, or even write some articles on your website
@wallflower thankyou so much..xd