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Community college calc 2 vs AP calc bc

I need to make a decision for next semester,

I am planning to take BC calc next semester but the teacher at my school is notorious for making the class very difficult, (vast majority of students get a B) so I am not confident that I can get an A in her class.

My other option is taking calc 2 through a community college ( much easier to get an A and 5 point gpa credit) and then taking the AP BC exam.

If I choose the college class then Ill only have 3 aps for junior year which I'm afraid isn't competitive enough.

What would you recommend?

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a year ago

If you want to be as competitive as possible, I would recommend taking Calc BC. Especially if your major is something that is directly related to math, such as engineering, it would be advisable to take BC. Admissions reps compare you to other kids in your school. They are aware that getting an A in that class is hard. If you can pull the A off, its just that many times more impressive.

a year ago

I recommend taking the community college class. Community college classes are seen as nearly equal in rigor to AP classes - I only say "nearly" because community college curricula are not nationally standardized, so they may be more or less rigorous than APs.

In any case, your application will benefit more from a good grade in a community college class than a lower grade in an AP. Three APs and one dual enrollment class will certainly be competitive enough for top schools too. Hope this helps!

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