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Community college calc 2 vs AP calc bc

I need to make a decision for next semester,

I am planning to take BC calc next semester but the teacher at my school is notorious for making the class very difficult, (vast majority of students get a B) so I am not confident that I can get an A in her class.

My other option is taking calc 2 through a community college ( much easier to get an A and 5 point gpa credit) and then taking the AP BC exam.

If I choose the college class then Ill only have 3 aps for junior year which I'm afraid isn't competitive enough.

What would you recommend?


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a year ago

I think it depends on where you would like to go to college. If you are looking into a competitive, private school such as the Ivy Leagues, MIT, JHU, etc. or really any out of state school, I would advise taking AP Calc BC. This is because the curriculum is nationally recognized, so the college will know EXACTLY what you studied in that class and it will be easier to compare you to other students. However, with community college, they won’t know if the curriculum was easier or harder compared to the AP, making them not exactly know if you are ready for calc the college level. Public state colleges in your state would most likely have a better understanding of this, but I still think going with the AP is the stronger option. If you’re worried about getting a B, don’t worry, a B in an AP Class is fine (my friend had some Bs in his AP classes and is now studying BME at JHU).

However, this is really all up to you! Don’t burn yourself out just to impress colleges, enjoy what you do and do it to the best of your ability!

a year ago

College classes are commonly included in "academic rigor" and if you think you can do well on the Exam, and better in the class, I don't see why not to take it. (You do also want to account for how annoying getting to a community college class would be for you) I think having 1 less AP isn't all that bad if it means you've also got a college class under your belt.

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