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Congratulations to All Questbridge Match Finalists today !!!!

Today Questbridge accepted 5613 Match Finalists out of over 17900 applications or 31.5%. The average unweighted GPA was 3.92 and 87% of them were ranked in the top 10% of their class.

QB is a community service organization that helps top us colleges find low-income high achieving students. It's not a mentoring gig but more a matching service. You get to apply a few weeks early than EA, ED and get your results 2 weeks early as well.

These 5612 finalists have ranked up to 15 of the 48 QB partner colleges and will find out on December 1st if they are matched to those schools with a 4-year full-ride scholarship valued at $350,000 if you factor the future value of the cost of attendance.

Last year about 1650 was matched with a full ride out of 6312 which is a large pool. I think we can expect about 1500 to be matched this year and another 2000 will be matched through Regular Decision applications. If you are matched through RD, you still get close to a full ride but may have some out-of-pocket costs depending on your family's EFC and what the universities determine are your costs like Work Study, or other costs you are responsible for. If you do the math about 8.5% of the 17900 get matched with a full ride and another. 11.5% get matched RD with close to a full ride. So 20% total is much better odds than applying directly for these applicants.

If you are a 9th, 10th, or 11th grade and are an American citizen, Permanent Resident, DACA status, attending high school in the US, and also high achieving, low-income, and or first generation, please look into this program.

You get to apply to up to 15 schools ED but you have to attend the highest-ranking college you select. The list of 48 partner schools includes every top university in the US except Harvard, no UC school or other State schools except UVA, and no military academies.

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As a finalist this year, I cannot stress enough how awesome this program is. If finances are a reason you would limit what colleges you apply to, please check out Questbridge. Juniors, the College Prep Scholar application will open up this winter and I highly encourage you to look into the program to set yourself up for success senior year!


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Really wish that there was something like this for international students


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