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Choosing a "practical" major?


Rising senior here.

Thinking about college apps, I have recently been questioning my options when it comes to majors. To be honest, I want to major in film, but I know how "useless" people say it is. I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to do.

Anyway, I am being told by many to pursue a practical major, without being told what those exactly are, with the exception of STEM. I'm curious if there is more. STEM is not my strong suit, as I have thoroughly struggled with sciences.

I just would like to ask, what are these practical majors (besides the obvious STEM), and also, which are inclined to more visual/creative types?

I'm just looking for a broad array of options other than what I already have.

Thank you.


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You can get a job with any major as long as you frame it correctly. My former concertmaster went to BU and came out with a film/music (Violin) degree and now works as some sort of assistant at a symphony hall. It's very possible to get a good job in anything as long as you work hard and frame it correctly.

2 years ago

hello! i'm an upcoming junior. :)

i guess my intended major is "practical," but that's not why i'm drawn to pre-law studies. i think you should go for film if that's something you actually intend to have a future with and are passionate about. what's big is that you wanna do something you love, right? there's a ton of other art majors if you feel film won't work for you. you could become a director, a cinematographer, a movie critic, or a film teacher and probably so many other things.

it's okay to not know what you want, lots of people don't know either. the national center for educational statistics states that 80% of american college students change their major at least once & the average student changes their major THREE times throughout college. (my older brother, a college junior, changed his major like four times haha.)

all i'm trying to say is, don't sweat it. if you love film, have a talent for it, and work hard, it'll work out in the end. if not, there is definitely something else for you especially with a creative mind. have you ever considered psychology? there are lots of things you could do with a degree in psychology and you can help people while being able to use your creative energy. what about journalism or architecture?




2 years ago

Graphic Design and or Buisness are pretty practical. Also any sort of data field is good.


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