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How to go about Illinois Institute of Technology supplement essay

The prompt is as follows:

"At Illinois Tech our one-of-a-kind Elevate program empowers our students with not only academic classes in exciting majors, but also guaranteed hands-on experiences and personalized mentoring—all of which sets them up for career success. Our students participate in 2-3 guaranteed Elevate experiences—including internships, research, and study away—during their time at Illinois Tech. If you received a $1000 award to create or pursue an Elevate experience of your choice, how would you use it?"

What am I being asked of? What do I need to bring out to prove my application is worth it?

I fondly anticipate a peer review. Thanks!

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I think what they're asking Is that if/when you get this "$1000 award to create or pursue an Elevate experience of your choice", which one would you do? Would you use the money to enhance your skills in a certain area? Why? Do you want to learn something completely new to you? They want you to explain what experiences you would use the $1000 for and how and why it would benefit you.

Also, If you have a program you already want to do if you get this, or don't know what you want to do, the Illinois tech webpage probably has a list.

Hope this helps!

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