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Any PSAT/SAT prep recommendations?

Do you guys recommend any books or sites a lot of people have told me when they went to SAT prep in a local college it didn’t help them I can always try some where else though. Any advice would be great thank you


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4 years ago

Khan Academy has some amazing resources for SAT Prep, and they will give you personalized content and a learning plan. As for prep books, I like the College Board's Official SAT Prep Book, because it gives information in depth and shows you everything you need to know. Go to the College Board.com where you can find practice tests, practice questions and more. For PSAT, Barrons 1520 PSAT book was the most helpful because it provided difficult questions if you are aiming for National Merit. There are also some practice tests and questions on Varsity Tutors.

Good Luck

4 years ago

Firstly, I would study what highschool standards the SAT tests. There are guides online for you that should be free. Of course, the SAT is meant to test what you study in high school but there could be greater emphasis on certain skills. Write down what you think sounds like trouble (such as vocab, math equations or etc.). Don't forget about making flashcards reviewing stuff such as math equations, root words and etc. Although brute memorization isn't always recommended, when you have problem areas, it can help. Heck, it's just helpful in general to remember stuff such as Then it's unto to actual prep!

As some people have mentioned, Khan Academy already has SAT practice on their website. Khan Academy is great for studying your weak areas. But unless you know those weak points, you won't be able to improve. As such, taking practice tests (you can find quite a few online) will help you immensely there. Plan on taking 1 or 2 tests at first to find your weak areas, then after 3 to sixth months of prep, take another test to see not only if you are improving but also if there are new weak areas. One to two months before, another test. Two to three weeks before the test, read and work through "Panic Plan for the SAT" by Peterson's. This book covers a lot of what's on the test and is a great refresher beforehand. The day of the test, do some meditation if you have severe anxiety (it always help me), review some flashcards, eat a good breakfast (AVOID COFFEE AND SUGARY FOODS, FIBER AND PROTEIN IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND), make sure you have everything and allot an extra 15 minutes for the drive. I took the ACT Bootcamp and my teacher told me that on the day of his test, he got into an accident and if he hadn't given himself enough time, he would have missed the test. Traffic jams can always happen, you might accidentally remember something before you leave, JUST ALWAYS ASSUME SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN UNTIL YOU REACH THAT TEST CENTER.

As for actual prep, (again) Khan Academy is great and free! Princeton review is also great but be prepared to shell out a lot of money for them. If you have money, the SAT is going to be 100 times easier for you because you can get a tutor, online prep classes and etc. But if you are tight on cash, firstly check out https://b-ok.cc/. I plus these guys a lot but for the love of God, it is a great website. You can download loads of prep books from there and it has helped me immensely. https://www.varsitytutors.com/free-sat-act-prep-course is also giving out free prep courses for right now, which can help. I haven't fully looked into them but it's free so what do you have to lose? Tutorpig is also free and is something I will participate in. r/SAT (on Reddit) is also free and has loads of resources there to check out. Also googling "SAT prep PDF" helps too.

The SAT tries to stumble you by throwing everything at you randomly. You might go from a pre-algebra question to trigonometry in a split second. (Here's a great video on it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqmrRxLlZTs) As such, sorting questions by subject (like having an individual mark for pre-algebra, algebra, geometry and etc) and then going back and picking off the hardest questions will be very important and may help you immensely.

Here are some great websites for you to check out when you can:









2 years ago

There are tons of great free resources out there. As has been mentioned, Khan Academy is tough to beat. It is relatively comprehensive.

There are some really thorough YouTube videos for specific topics, too.

There are also several free resource pages:



The free practice tests and answer explanations are worth their weight in gold, IMO.

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4 years ago

the most help full website for SAT prep is khan academy, and you can also find some prep books on amazon

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