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I'm applying to Georgetown, but I didn't realize that they would ask me to get rec letters from a math or social studies teacher when I got mine from my physics and english teachers. I'm applying in business, but I was wondering if sending a rec letter from my english teacher would cause them to disregard my application.

From the georgetown application:

Instructions for the Teacher Recommendations:

Your required teacher recommendation should be provided by a teacher from one of your junior or senior year courses. Please note that the admissions committee requests that you submit specific teacher recommendations based on the school to which you are applying, as noted in the below table.

Applicants to: Recommendation From:

McDonough School of Business Mathematics or social studies teacher


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2 years ago

There is a good chance that they could disregard your application in this case, since you would fail to meet a requirement. I recommend asking a math or social studies teacher for a recommendation as soon as you can. Even if their recommendation is not stellar, it will be better for your application than the letter from your English teacher.

If you think it's likely that Georgetown will not receive a new recommendation before they start reviewing applications (November for EA, January for RD), you can let the admissions office know about the issue in advance. This way, they could count your missing teaching recommendation as an extenuating circumstance.

Hope this helps!

2 years ago[edited]

Then I would ask your math and social studies teacher to write you one. Who knows what the consequences are for not following specific instructions? Your app might get tossed.

Good luck.

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