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Should I submit a 33 ACT score or 1470 SAT

Should I submit a 33 ACT score or a 1470 SAT

SAT: 1470: R: 710, M: 760 ACT: 33: M: 31, S: 34, E: 33, R: 33. I'm planning on majoring in engineering.

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2 years ago

I'd say submit your 1470 SAT since a 760 Math on the SAT is better than a 31 Math on the ACT I believe. Since you are majoring in engineering, I believe a higher math score would be more beneficial for you.

2 years ago[edited]

I don't think one is better than the other so I wouldn't make assumptions like the other respondent that 1 composite score should be sent over the other composite score. This is a rare case where I think it is to your best advantage to send both scores in. Why? Because the ACT captures a high science score which I would argue is just as important as math with regards to applying to engineering schools. Also, it shows that you are consistently strong in both English and Reading which is a plus. I would send both in!!! And if you do have time to improve one or the other, I might even take the December test for the ACT because getting a 34 on your math would super-score your ACT to a 34 since a 33.5 gets rounded to a 34 and that is equivalent to 1490-1520 SAT score. That's like "lay-up" move in basketball. Low risk, just cram for the Math ACT portion.

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