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What are good essay editing services? For a large budget, what is the best service I can get?

Senior applying to international schools

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2 years ago

I’ve reviewed like 20 essays with CV essay service more than half either don’t talk about the prompt or don’t have meaningful insight about the author. Admissions ppl are looking for personality/passions not that you won a football game.

Uh professional editing is a fairly big no in admissions having someone look at it/review the topic is the extent of what an outside person should do.

DIY editing Grammarly is the market leader and then have an English teacher look at it as double check/topic

No specific ones that I know of but some ivy students will review essays for exborehnet amounts. No garuntee of quality

Then there is services like peer review such as CVs that if you submit multiple times you should get very accurate feedback.

Don’t pay someone to write the essay.

Hope this helps

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