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What is the best way to research potential colleges/universities?

I am going into my junior year and I am currently interested in pre-med. I was told to start making my list of colleges/universities that I will be applying to next year. I am still a little confused on how I know wether a college is a good choice for me and also how to be looking for potential options.

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4 years ago

So there are a lot of “filter” based programs where you specify state/region urban/rural private/public size tuition acceptance rate etc. the big ones are collegevines in the find school tabs

Another is by googling good school for insert major.

Another is by googling best value schools.

Typically the common advice is to apply to 4-6 target schools 2 safeties and 2 reach.

I’d say if you are an A student according to CV most schools are safeties so I’d say apply to as many target/safeties schools as you feel comfortable with (app fees) and then up to 3 reaches.

My ECs are classified as strong/excellent for all schools except ivy+ schools.

My PREFERENCES are a midwest public semi large city research school. I am interested in a public semi small school in New York so it is not concrete. If you want to see a webinar in your own time the StriveScan YouTube channel has a lot of schools.

Webinars are a great tool to find information and if your interested in a school sign up for the newsletter.

Also look at the stats for admission the mid 50 for gpa and SAT/ACT. Look at a school an older friend went to and if you share the same taste ask how s/he likes it. Also look at schools you parent went to(if applicable) as you should have a good shot at said school.

Lastly look at the student life if you aren’t a partyer you should probably look at non college town schools or more academic focused schools. If you are a non Christian (Jewish Muslim Buddhist) you might look for a school with a students of a similiar faith.

Also look at the job placement rate and post graduate stats such as the average starting salary.

Hope this helps!

Comment if you need clarification. I’ll be happy to help.

4 years ago

What is the best way to research potential colleges/universities?

First up, I would look on their websites. The websites usually have up to date information about everything you need to know. I would recommend looking at their majors to see if any are of interest. They also usually have pages about housing and student life. Those are also very important aspects to take note of.

Next, I would go on youtube and check out vlogs from students who attend the school. You really get a sense of the school's spirit and "vibe" if that makes sense. They also have videos about the "pros vs cons" of attending the school.

Finally, I would take a look at all the resources the school provides. Many (due to Covid-19) are hosting virtual information sessions that would definitely assist your college search.

Hope that helps!

- Kaylen

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