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How do I write about "activities"???

For my college application I don't see a place to write down all of my extracurriculars, but there is an "activities" section--formatted similarly to the essay prompts. Do I write this like a narrative about WHY I like the activity I chose or like a list of all my accomplishments within this activity?

For reference, the prompt says:

"Thoughtfully consider the extracurricular activities you have been involved in and select two to write about. Enter your first activity below and the second activity on the following page.

Select an activity you would like to write about:

Please provide a short description of your participation in the specific activity:"

(300 characters)


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a year ago

Because there's so few characters available to use, I would assume that this application is asking you to describe your extracurriculars like you would on a resume, but with some extra personal meaning. For example, for captaincy of a sport, you could write something like "I am captain of the swim team, and have competed for X years. I've won X competitions in backstroke/400 meter/etc, and have been recognized for XYZ. As captain, I manage fundraisers/events/etc, and regularly work with the younger swimmers. This is meaningful to me because XYZ."

You probably won't have enough characters for a narrative, but you have double the space that the CommonApp gives you, so I think they'd want you to go into the more personal aspect of the EC. (After all, you chose it out of all of them for a reason!)

Hope that helps!

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