2 years ago
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Are there any really good programs and/or websites that can help me find good extracurricular activities?

My GPA is a 4.0 and my score on the SAT is 1540. All I need to worry about now are extracurricular activities because I have none. I would appreciate it if the program/website also helps you with the rest of the college admissions process (essays, hooks, ACT or SAT, etc. Thanks for the help. -Alex.

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2 years ago

This website is pretty good at helping college admissions. If you go to essay guides it will walk you through what colleges look for in an essay and what specifics a certain college requires. Search for CollegeVine blog on google and there is a website that shows you what EC's are available as well as internships, scholarships, and step by steps on how to get to your dream school. You can also go to national conferences or college summer programs that look great on applications. One example is the National Student Leadership Conference. It has different programs based on what you want to major in and is located around the country. Hope this helps!


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