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What people in government help your odds at getting into college. What type of celebrities help you get into college.


How much does a Senator help you get in? Would it help to work for one for summer to get them to write a letter of recommendation? Would a celebrity help you get into the school. How much would they help going their or not. Does the importance of your recommendation letters help. Could people in governments letter help? How can you get find someone to give you one and what people in governments help.


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I don't think a recommendation from them will help but maybe you'll have experience working with them that you could write about in your essays.:)

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Getting endorsements from celebrities and people in government will not help you at all. Colleges want to see your academic or athletic merit so celebrities will not help there. People in government may also not know you enough to ensure a good recommendation later.

A good letter will come from someone who has known you for a few years, taught you (preferably in a core class such as science, math, social studies, or English) and knows what you are capable of. Only a teacher knows what your work ethic is, how ready you are to learn and etc. Not a congressman or celebrity. Getting one from them shouldn't even be on your list by the way. Even if you're applying to top tier colleges, it may just come off a huge wank off. All you are flaunting is that your family has connections and this person knows you. Which doesn't help you when applying anywhere.

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There are only 3 colleges that require a nomination or recommender for admissions purposes from a US Senator, US Congressperson, US Vice President. The Senator or Representative doesn't have to be Federal level elected official but someone who presides over your current congressional district in your State or a State Senator. Those schools are the following: Westpoint US Army Military Academy, Annapolis US Naval Academy, Colorado Springs US Air Force Academy. Other than that getting an elected official to recommend you is not necessary and might be taken the wrong way. Given the Varsity Blues admissions scandal which is still ongoing, it would counterproductive to have a celebrity endorsing you unless you a legitimate development candidate of celebrity parents who is going to legitimately donate millions of dollars. For instance, Dr.Dre donated $70 million to USC and he recommended that they accept his daughter. It would be hard for USC to say no. He probably didn't have to ask.

If you intern and work for the senator that can help but BFFs dad NO
What about the United States Coast Guard Academy and the United States Merchant Marine Academy
So any armed force academy you essentially are “audited” by a congress person and if you pass the audit then you can be admittted. Few peaople pass the “audit”. And we are talking about non AF schools
Coast Guard and Merchant Marine have no US Senator/US Congressperson recommender requirement.
Sorry I was talking about the “overseas” AF schools I meant to clarify that
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In a professional capacity it can help a lot a family friend don’t do it. If you intern for Senator X and a/he writes a rec letter that can really help. If you phone bank/knock doors that wouldn’t help. It’s like your boss at Taco Bell writes about your working style/personality just with a bit more impact.

But don’t have your dads friend/BFF’s dad write you a letter have a meaningful working relationship and then request a rec letter

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That would only work if you were the child/immediate family of a celebrity or government political, but even then you still have to meet the minimum requirements of SAT and GPA for admission to the university. Don’t work for a celebrity or a politician over the summer to use them to bribe your way into college or influence the admissions officers; they will be able to tell that you’re typing to scam them and it will not end well. Instead see if you can work for someone influential to gain valuable skills and an experience that you can write about on your essay/application.

If you work for a senator such as intern that would work but dads best friend Celeb X just no