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Exante reviews

Exante reviews recommend how to choose the type of account and how to work with it

Exante reviews tell a lot of useful details about the opportunities that the platform opens for the trader. Some of the options are exclusive, specially developed for the company's clients, others have been improved by the company's specialists. Others are still at the stage of constant improvement. For example, the catalog of financial instruments, it has already added more than 300 thousand items, but continues to be updated in response to customer requests.

Exante's feedback about having multiple company jurisdictions

Traders can make trades in the legal field of Hong Kong, UK and even Cyprus thanks to the presence of three licenses from the regulatory authorities of these countries. Exante reviews remind that in the jurisdiction of Cyprus it is possible to get state insurance for the account. This speaks to the complete security of customer accounts.

This is also evidenced by the fulfillment of the conditions of the EU directive on the markets of financial instruments. The document stipulates full transparency of transactions. Exante reviews 2020 https://scottandrew.co.uk/ from experienced traders show that they fully appreciated the advantages of this approach, as well as the mobile application of the site, which can be installed on any OS in a short period of time.

Traders know firsthand the importance of prompt closing of orders, so they have welcomed the installation of 750 servers for smooth operation of the site. Only two types of commissions, which, moreover, are very low, allow to trade with high profitability.

Exante reviews describe the importance of the demo and multi account

Exante broker offers to trade on the platform using one of two types of accounts - demo and multicurrency. If the choice is made in favor of demo-version, it will not hurt to remember that:

there is no need to submit a document package and wait to activate a demo account;

company deposits a million virtual euros into the account, which are unusable for ordinary trading transactions;

this account will not be adversely affected as a result of transaction errors;

You can top up your demo account without any limits, as soon as you need to do so in your personal cabinet settings!

Exante reviews flatteringly describe the site's margin conditions with individual collateral calculations and permission to draw on its own securities stock to help.

Reviews of Exante and the single multi-account with its options

The second option of account with which it is possible to work on the platform is a multi-account. Exante broker did not tie it to a certain currency, connecting several currencies at once and installing automatic conversion for faster transition from one currency to another. Clients find it efficient as it reduces time for transactions.

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