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applying to honors college OSU

Applying to honors college Oregon State University - is there any advantage to applying EA?

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a year ago

Applying EA will increase your odds of admission by around 5%, which is certainly a benefit. As others have said, EA applicants are also first in line to receive merit scholarships.

The one downside to applying EA is that you will have less time to craft your essays and other application components. As a college applications advisor, I only recommend for my clients to apply EA if their application is ready to be submitted at least a few days before the EA deadline. Putting your best foot forward on an application will increase your odds of admission by much more than the 5% EA boost. A quality application submitted RD will beat a last-minute EA application every time.

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a year ago

There are definitely both advantages and disadvantages.

On one hand you will have less time to work on essays etc so keep that in mind when making your decision. You might end up with stronger essays and more time to edit things if you apply regular.

On the other hand applying early has lots of benefits too, if you choose it. You'll be considered for more merit-based scholarships if you're an outstanding applicant, and it helps applicants to the College of Engineering and certain scholarship programs. It also means you'll get a response back earlier.

In the end it all depends on if you feel ready, since the early app deadline is Nov 1st. If you're concerned about your essays or think you might have a stronger application come January, then submitting tomorrow won't help you. But if you're feeling confident, I say go for it!

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